Welcome to Your Samurai Swing.

Hi and Welcome to the Samurai Swing. I’m Craig Berman , creator of this concept that has been changing golf games for the better and it will help yours too.

But first , a bit about me…

I am now 43 years old.

I started Karate when I was 6 and then did various styles until until I went to Wits in 1989..There , I joined a traditional Korean Martial arts system.

I received my Black Belt and Instructor’s Certificate in 1993 and went on to represent South Africa in Tae-Kwon Do at the 1993 British Open Tae Kwon Do Tournament , where I won a Silver Medal.

The Samurai Swing Idea

About 3 years ago , I was training with one of my favourite weapons , the Samurai Katana when , during a rest  break , I started swinging it like a golf club.

I realised that the swinging this amazing sword and swinging a golf club were very very similar.

I then started working on a system to see if I could improve my golf swing using the sword.

Well , as it so happened , it worked!

I was able to setup and consistently strike the ball straighter , further and more accurately then ever before…

At the time , I wasn’t actually playing golf as I was working 7 days a week and didn’t have time..

But to give you an idea – for those of your that have practiced at Gillooly’s Golf Village – The middle Green (Blue Flag) is 165m away – I can hit that with a 9 IRON!

And , I am swinging SLOWER and SMOOTHER than I ever have been…

Launch in March 2013

In March of 2013 , I was finally ready to launch the concept and I did so , getting my first two “Samurai Golfers” in the form of Jason and Rob Mylroie.

What was interesting was that Jason was a 7 handicap at the time and Rob , his Dad , was a 23.

The week after doing the Samurai Swing , Jason went out and shot a 73 , read his testimonial here.

Rob reported an increase in distance of around 15m – 20 m! I worked with Rob for another 3 weeks and you can read his full testimonial here.

Dean Sherman , a 4 handicap had two rounds of 72 and 73 after doing his course and you can see the video of his swing transformation here.

Frans Strauss PGA Club Professional of the Year 2012 and Director of Golf at the Princes Grant Golf Estate has just won another Pro-Am – at Simbithi on 4th November with a course record 55 (Par 60 course) and has now  won 3 of his last 5 events , had a 2nd and 4th place…read his testimonial here.

My dad , who is 70 and a 22 handicap and absolutely Loves his golf and plays every week…After doing just one session of the course , he was getting 35 metres MORE on his drives and won the club champs with his partner that weekend after doing his course…PLUS , after a minor surgical procedure which left him unable to play for a month , he went out last weekend ( November 2nd) and shot 92! See his testimonial here.

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