The Two Secrets to Great Golf

The FIRST Secret To Great Golf is a Great Golf Swing.

It’s not your shoes , your clubs , the golf balls , the gloves , the clothes , the bag , the golf cart or ANY of your equipment – it’s your swing.

When you go to the range , what do you do there?

Many of you may say that I practice hitting golf balls…In Fact , you practice your swing!

Listen to the pro’s talk about golf – they talk about SWINGING – How well they were swinging during the event or the day’s play!


They practice being able to replicate every aspect of their swing from setup to follow through time and time again.

Being able to repeat the same swing Shot after Shot with Absolute confidence IS the Key to Great Golf!

That’s why the Pro’s invest thousands of hours and dollars in coaches , swing aids, videos and more to BE ABLE TO REPLICATE THEIR SWING EVERY TIME!

The Core elements of a great swing:

Grip and Grip Pressure





Swing plane

Swing rhythm and tempo

Weight transfer


Follow through

That’s a lot to remember and repeat on every swing.

4 Simple Steps to a Great Golf Swing.

 But just imagine you could do all of this in JUST 4 SIMPLE STEPS?!

Could you remember just 4 Simple things that would give you a great swing?

Just 4 Simple Things?

Of Course You could!

Welcome to the Samurai Swing™

Using the Samurai Sword , you will learn 4 Simple Steps to setup YOUR great swing and being able to REPEAT IT TIME AFTER TIME , SHOT AFTER SHOT!

Now You Will :

-Set up perfectly EVERY time to achieve the correct swing plane and posture

-Be relaxed with perfect grip pressure and relaxed wrists

- Achieve proper balanced weight transfer through the strike zone

- Get great distance and shape on all your clubs!

- Be calm , focussed and confident before every shot!

- Never hesitate before or be fearful of ANY Golf shot!

- Swing with great confidence and TRUST.

In your short game you will :

- Play committed chip and bunker shots with confidence

- No hesitant chips or “yips”

- Get proper height and spin on your shots

In your putting you will:

- Putt more accurately on the greens and kill those 3 putt greens!

- Achieve an even putting stroke with great roll.

- more confident and accurate putting on any green.

The 2nd Secret to Great Golf is Powerful and Focussed Mind.

Imagine having a mind set like that of a Samurai Warrior?

A Single focus , concentrated and calm.

No Distractions , just a single laser-like concentration.

In perfect harmony with all around you – present in just the moment , now.

Not concerned with what was and with what will be – just being in the moment,now.

That’s the Mind Set you will achieve with the Samurai Swing™ System.

Regardless of your handicap ,the Samurai Swing System™ will give you an incredible golf experience that will change your perspective on your swing and mind set forever and have you playing with more confidence and focus – whether it’s for the US OPEN , or the weekend club champs – this system will give you a serious ‘edge.’

Plus – you get a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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