The Concept

The Concept of the Samurai Swing

By seeing the blade and not the club , your mind is calm, focused and clear. Your body has the right position , your hands and fingers are relaxed and you will automatically achieve the right swing plane, alignment in the strike zone and follow through. Those questions  about setup ,  hands, backswing and weight transfer will fade like the mist in the morning sun and you will feel a calm , zen like aura around you . Not only that but you will see and feel the difference in just 60 minutes.

Better balance , swing plane, accuracy and distance in an hour. That’s right an hour.
This is not a boast or an idle promise either. I have seen it in all of the golfers who have done this , and there is the evidence to prove it. Because this works. Period.

No longer will you mind be filled with doubts about your swing and you will  finally achieve what it is you have been seeking all this time. Your true authentic swing. This is for you – the golfer.

This is to get over that PAIN you feel every time you hit a bad shot and your game falls apart , that pain that you get when you get hesitant about the chip you’re about to hit and then skin it across the green – costing you another 2 shots. This is for you , the golfer – because you KNOW you can do BETTER , you just need that one insight , that one thing that makes you able to repeat a great swing over and over again without trying to remember the 37 different things you need to do first BEFORE you swing.

Samurai Swing – The Golf Swing Evolution

I am just one guy , that really loves this game and have brought something to the party that can offer you the chance to be the very best you could be – if you had a smooth and fluid swing that you could replicate time and again. I invite you to come on in , see for yourself and take this chance.

For the True Golfer , the one who plays by the rules , who celebrates this game and loves it and would play every day if work and life permitted. For the golfer who genuinely relishes the challenge that this game offers and seeks out the moments in the game that are the reason we play it.

Come Rain , Shine , Wind – we are there. And all we want is to know that we have played the very best that we could. That every swing was a moment of pure elegance , balance and harmony. None wasted or cursed. For we all know , there is no greater joy and pure satisfaction that comes from hitting that sweetest of shots – knowing that you could not have hit it any better and watching it sail gloriously into the sky.

There is nothing that feels like that on Earth. This Samurai Swing is for you – the True Golfer.

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