The Spirit of Golf

Golf…a game that lifts the spirit and inspires the soul.

It is one of the only sports where, in the essence of the moment – true purity of spirit can be achieved.

In absolute harmony with everything around you , the purest swing lifts the ball into the air , in a graceful arc that sails through the sky like the bird on the wing.

Soaring effortlessly into the yonder, the ball sings its perfection , landing softly on the welcoming fairway grass and coming to rest in gravity’s gentle embrace.

There are few feelings in the world that can compare with having played a truly pure golf stroke.

It resonates in the very core of the human soul.

It is Spiritual , magnificent , glorious and wonderfully fulfilling.

It is to reach out and touch the perfection of the union of body,mind and soul creating a symphony of harmony in motion.

It is to understand the true joy of this magnificent game we call golf.

This achievement is one that places the golfer in the heart of the creator – it allows us for just that single incredible moment to feel the mastery , to appreciate the true awe and power that lives in the heart of this game.

For in that moment in time , we transcend our Earthly mortality and are raised up to the Infinite glory .

For there we stand , in the miracle of creation , in the meeting of all things that are, were and will be – in that moment ; we are one with our universe.

Feeling the grass beneath our feet , the air in our lungs , the blood that pumps life through our veins – we are one.

Our thoughts and feelings are quietly silent in this moment of harmony as we come to deeply realise that THIS is a moment of essential beauty, of timeless value and rarity.

We are deeply humbled in the presence of this moment and we bow our heads in sincere gratitude as we recognise the gift we have chosen to be a part of.

Now, as we breathe in this New Life , this Joy , this Love , we come to realise the deeper , greater meaning of this Glorious Game …

It is that , in this game , in this moment, we are Alive – we are totally connected , and in harmony with our world around us. That in this moment , there is nothing that matters other than the now.

That our stresses and worries are that borne to us by the fearful mind – and that in thi moment , that fearful mind is silent in absence.

We are AS one with our maker , basking in the the light of this incredible world of Life and the World that gives rise to this game – that we cherish so much.

So, if you aren’t feeling this every time you are playing golf , whether you are on the course , the driving range or at home – then you shouldn’t be playing until you do.

For it shows you have not the respect for the Game that she deserves and indeed requires.

She will not grant you that which you seek , until you have paid homage to Her Spirit, until you have offered true gratitude to Her creation – This Game of Honour.

For to not feel like this every time you swing , is to dishonour the gentle spirit of this game and yourself.

Play this game with Love , reverence and honour for this is what she deserves and no less…

Respect this course , the greens , the fairways and the bunkers for they are sacred lands and can only be walked in Truth and Love for the Game.

Leave your curses at home – they have no place here.

For there is no other game like it , there is none that can bring the soul into the ecstasy of this moment like her.

In this game , the true test of the spirit is revealed – it is here that are truth , integrity and personal values are measured and weighed.

In this game , we are the referee , the player and the spectator all in one. We have the choice to draw the penalty on ourselves even if it means losing – and this we will gladly do , for the honour of the game is greater than the win.

It is here in this game that we learn the true meaning of respect…for we will respect the course , the rules and the play…

We will pay homage to our playing partners and acknowledge to them that without them , we would not gain the opportunity to grow and improve our own Game.

We will respect the lie of the ball , the roll of the putt and the out-of-bounds lines that define the playing field.

We will respect our tools of the game and will not desecrate them with anger and frustration.

Every moment is one that is presented to grow our Game and through the victory and defeat , it is here that we will learn about the most important thing –


For this game is the Game of Life – it is where we and we alone , out there in the field can play our own game – test our own mettle and choose whether we rise or fall.

It is there , out there on the glorious fields of the fairways , the immaculately manicured greens and the combed sand that we find ourselves and know ourselves.

It is in the defeat of that one stroke or the victory of the final putt that we learn the most about who we truly are.

And in this lies the reason for playing this game – a game that can never be won , only played.

It is the nature of every man to seek and discover himself , his truth and his light and in this game of Golf that we love , live and breathe – we can find these within.

 It is said that 

“The mark of the man of the world is absence of pretension. He does not make a speech; he takes a low business-tone, avoids all brag, is nobody, dresses plainly, promises not at all, performs much, speaks in monosyllables, hugs his fact.

 He calls his employment by its lowest name, and so takes from evil tongues their sharpest weapon. His conversation clings to the weather and the news, yet he allows himself to be surprised into thought, and the unlocking of his learning and philosophy.”

 Ralph Waldo Emerson.

If this is not the reason that you play , then make it so , as only when we are humble on these great fairways , will the great gift that the Spirit of this Game be open to us.

And that great gift is the answer to all of our questions , for the way that we play this game is the same way that we play in Life – that the true measure of the Man , lies in the heart of The Golfer.


By Craig Berman

Master Instructor and Creator of the Samurai Swing™

24 June 2013.

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