It’s Time for Something Different

“To Change the fruit , you have to Fix the Root.”

T Harv Eker.

Its simple really – it’s all in the swing.

That’s the root of this game. The Swing.

Get a great swing , and boom – that’s 95% of your golf sorted.

Don’t believe me ?

If you had your perfect setup with the correct grip pressure, posture and alignment with every shot and didn’t doubt ANY of it before your shot – wouldn’t that help?

If you had 100% confidence in your swing before chipping , pitching or bunker shots – would that help your game?

If you KNEW that your swing would work – every time – how would that improve your confidence in your game?

If you knew  that you could two putt on every green – what would that do for your score and your game?

If you were getting 15m-20m more distance on all you clubs , wouldn’t that help your game?

If you could aim accurately and consistently without fear or doubt – wouldn’t THAT help your game?

I know what you are thinking- “If I could do all of that (even most of that) , I could really play and score the way I want to!”

Well – now you can – because it’s all in your swing.

Welcome to the Samurai Swing.

A swing dynamic concept system using the Sword of the Samurai to provide a powerful , effective and complete golf swing system that works for every stroke that requires a swing – from the driver to the putter-for every level of golfer.

In this system , you will learn how to  :

Get the perfect alignment , setup and posture for your game.

Swing with your own natural power and in doing so get greater distance , better shape and consistent accuracy.

Play great pitch and chip shots that will have you amazed..

Putt from anywhere on the green and get to two putt greens consistently.

Increase your confidence in your game and leave you with no fear or hesitation on the first tee , or the last putt.

Use the “No Mind” concept to give you incredible mental confidence and ability to recover quickly ( before you get to the next shot) from a bad shot.

And most importantly , it will get you enjoying your golf as you probably haven’t in a very long time.

And , what’s more – this course will only take you around 6½ hours to complete.

390 minutes to a great golf game?

You Better believe it.

 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that the Samurai Swing System will significantly improve your golf game both physically and mentally , I am offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Did you ever a Money Back Guarantee from anyone else? Books? DVDs? Training Aids?

If , after you have finished the course , you honestly feel that you have not seen and felt a difference in your golf game , I will refund your course fee 100%.

Because we are operating on the gentleman’s (and ladies’) agreement as golfers and we strive to uphold our integrity as golfers and people , I will refund the full course fee should you honestly feel and see no difference in your game after the full course.

The condition is that you have to play at 100%….

We will take video of you before and after so you can see for yourself the transformation that has happened over the course period..

In every course I have done , golfers have seen a difference in their first SESSION – and so will you.

So , with the risk out of the way – go ahead and book here now!

 It’s time for something different.


You’ve tried it all

Over the years , you have invested in better equipment , training aids , lessons , videos , DVD’s , balls, gloves – in fact anything that you believe will help you score better..

Some of it has worked , but , if you are reading this – most of it hasn’t.

For whatever reason , your golf is either going backwards , or standing still – which is the same as going backwards.

It’s time for something different – book your course here.