My Personal Guarantee

This system has been designed to give you , the golfer , a powerful and effective system that will transform your golf game in just 390 minutes.

There may be many of you that are asking,” How will swinging a samurai sword help my fix my slice? Or my hook , or my distance OR MY PUTTING?!”

It works because I work with the Root  – The Swing.

When you have a Swing you trust – your whole golf game changes.

Imagine playing with no fear , or hesitation as you step up to swing. You are calm , focussed and supremely confident in your swing – and your game.

No matter what level you are…This system will work for you beyond your expectations.

AND – to back this up – I personally give you a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on your Course Fees.

We will take  video “before” and “after”  to show you how far you have come – but , by then , you will know it anyway.

If , after your have completed the course , you do not see and feel and significant difference in your swing and your game – I will refund your full course fee – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

This is my personal guarantee as golfer and a gentleman.


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