Kevin Draper – 24 Handicap and Winner of the Samurai Swing Facebook Competition.

In the eternal struggle to master the wonderful game of golf, and having read and watched every instructional golf video known to man, I can honestly say that after attending only two unorthodox sessions with Craig Berman and his unique “Samurai Swing”, I was without doubt hitting the ball straighter and at the same time gained at least 10-15 meters in distance and I was swinging Slower!

My swing arc and plane had improved dramatically and I was far more balanced in my swing than ever before.

I also found it easier to keep a consistent setup technique , as well as achieve proper weight transfer during the swing.

In my putting , I could see an immediate difference in the accuracy of my putts , as well as achieving better control with the strength of the putts as well.

I no longer worry about all the “thoughts” in my head that I used to have and find myself calmer and more confident using the pre-shot “no-mind” routine that Craig showed me.

The important thing to remember when attending the lessons is that you need to “forget” (difficult at times) what you have been taught over the years and instead, religiously go through the drills and technique as taught and explained the Samurai way.

I highly recommend this course for both high and low handicappers who are looking for that missing link in their game!!!

Kevin Draper – 24 Handicap