The Samurai Katana VS European Longsword

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Here’s a look at two swords that were born around the same time in history…The Samurai Katana and the European long sword..both were the results of the technology of tempering steel…Just remember this when you are at the Samurai Swing – those swords are sharp!

The Samurai Swing – As Featured on SuperGolf on SuperSport , Wednesday August 7th 2013.

The Samurai Swing On Super Golf – Super Sport.

Broadcast August 7th , 2013 , the show featured Stacey Holland and Dave Usendorff at Ebotse testing out the Samurai Swing.

After only an hour or so , and from not being able to hit a ball straight, Stacey was able to get the ball straight , off the ground and with great shape distance – and they weren’t even her clubs…

Slow motion golf swing – Tiger Woods

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An amazing view of Tiger’s golf swing in Slow motion.


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An Incredible insight into the traditional forging of a Samurai Katana.

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A treat for anyone that wants to understand the superb skill, patience and knowledge that lead to the birth of the finest blade the world has ever known.

Forging the Samurai Katana

Thousands of years ago , an ancient technology yielded one of the great masterpieces of human civilisation.

The construction of specialised ovens capable of heating steel to the necessary temperatures using only hand tools , hammers , bellows and a preserved knowledge handed down from father to son gave birth the Samurai Katana.

This feature , broadcast on National Geographic will give you a behind the scenes look at the previously unseen process of the forging of a Samurai Katana – from the block of red hot steel to the magnificently elegant sword that served a civilisation for a thousand years.


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