A Powerful New Concept in Golf Swing Dynamics.

Welcome to the Samurai Swing – Dynamic Golf Swing Concept  System.

The Most Powerful Total Golf Swing System Ever Developed.



From the Finest Blade Every made  , comes the newest and most powerful Golf Swing System ever devised.

Using the Legendary Samurai Katana , The Samurai Swing ™ will forever change your golf game.

By focussing on the very core of Golf – The Swing – I will teach you an incredible system of concepts , ideas and techniques to give you your best game ever.

This Dynamic Swing Concept will enable  you will be able to replicate your best  swing every time!

The Incredible “No Mind” Mental System will leave you calm and focussed for every shot – whether it’s a power drive , delicate chip , bunker save or birdie putt .

PLUS , you’ll be able to get back into the “No Mind” after a bad shot or a bad hole in just seconds.

Natural Motion Harmonics in the Golf Swing

Using the Concept of “Natural Motion Harmonics” or NmH , I will work with you specifically to create the golf swing perfectly suited to your physical ability.

No more “overswinging” and risk of injury for you!

You will hit it further , straighter and with more control and accuracy than ever before, and this while SWINGING SLOWER AND EASIER THAN YOU EVER HAVE!

The Secret to this is Developing Uniform Acceleration achieved in a smooth , fluid swing technique.

We will also eliminate those “game killing” thoughts and you will never worry about the water, bunkers or out of bounds again.


The Samurai Swing – the most powerful Golf Swing System Ever developed.

Have a look at these two pictures – the one on the left is Rob’s Golf swing Finish before he did The Samurai Swing Course – the one on the right is after JUST ONE SESSION!

Samurai Swing Golf swing A great Golf swing after doing the courseRob (at the time) was a 23 handicap golfer and you can read his testimonial about his experience of the Samurai Swing here.

What’s even more amazing is compare these two pictures below – on the left is Rob after he did ONE Session of the Samurai Swing – on the right is Jason  , Rob’s Son and a 7 Handicap Golfer – just look at the amazing Similarity in the finish!

Rob_MJason_M_ You can read Jason’s  Testimonial here and see how   he DROPPED TWO SHOTS   OFF HIS HANDICAP IN JUST  A WEEK after doing the  Samurai Swing.

These are just two cases of how this amazing Golf Swing concept has made a HUGE impact in the quality of the golf of two very different golfers…


And it will do the same for you….if you are really serious about not only improving your game by learning a system that will give you 4 simple steps to a great swing and a powerful mindset , but also REALLY ENJOYING your golf and PLAYING at a whole NEW LEVEL , then you want to book your course after reading this.


Book your Samurai Swing course here and get the great golf swing you deserve.