Frans Strauss – 2012 KZN Club Professional of the Year.


During Late July of 2013 , I had the privilege of playing a round of golf at the magnificent golf estate that is The Princes Grant on the KZN North Coast – Frans had graciously invited us ( myself and my Dad) to play a round as a birthday gift while we were on holiday at Salt Rock.

Before we teed off , I showed Frans some of the basic concepts of the Samurai Swing and throughout the round we spoke some more and I demonstrated some more aspects of the system.

The following day , I came back to the estate where I spent around 2 hours with Frans on the range going through the system with him …

The results were immediate…his swing slowed down , he was more focussed and his shot shape improved noticeably , as did his distance and accuracy. Before we started , I asked Frans to hit a few shots on the range with a 6 iron – and he was landing consistently short of the green he was aiming at. Also ,the shape was a lower trajectory…

Once we were done , not only was he swinging slower , but he was getting far better trajectory while the ball was now landing on the back of the green and even over !

This was an increase of around 15m – with a slower swing!

I explained to him that using “Natural Motion Harmonics” Concept  resulted in superior uniform acceleration of the club through the swing and this resulted in greater distance , height and shape.

Since then he has achieved incredible results , the most amazing of which is that he has increased is Greens In Regulation percentage from 55% to 80%!

The really amazing fact is that I only worked with him for a total of 2½ hours….

It was truly my humble honour to work with a man so dedicated to and passionate about golf and his results speak volumes of that dedication and commitment .

Thank you Frans for that round at your magnificent course – That 15th Hole is Just something else!

Samurai Swing at The Princes Grant

Dad and I on the Signature 15th Tee at The Princes Grant – 18 July , 2013.


Read his story below….

My Samurai Swing Experience – Frans Strauss.

Dear Craig,

First of all I would like to thank you for coming to see me and spend some time with me on our beautiful Golf Estate!

I have learned so much in such a short space of time! Aristotle said and I quote: “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

In my case; the roots of education was sweet and the fruit even sweeter!!!

It is fantastic the way that you carried over the message on how to use the Samurai Golf Swing and also the simplicity of the whole concept!

I have used the Samurai  Swing  on a couple of my clients; a 14 handicapper; junior golfer and a beginner.

The 14 handicapper after using the Samurai Golf Swing went down to an eleven handicap, the junior golfer loved the concept of the way of the Samurai and adopted the swing beautifully and even the beginner golfer was absolutely gob smacked on how easy it is!

With my own golf I managed to get my focus to a new height that is so exciting for me. Flaws that I had in my own swing that I have struggled with for many years and tried just about everything to combat that with the traditional golf swing, has improved tremendously.

In 2012 I won the KZN PGA order of merit, and as so many golfers before me also thought “now I got it!!!”

(This sentence “now I got it” is probably the shortest joke in golf……..)

During the 2013 season I really struggled to find my form and I knew there were something lacking……

Till I met up with Craig and his idea of the Samurai swing.

That was exactly what I needed!!!

In the past I used to be one of the worst cases probably for green in regulation stats. After working with Craig and his Samurai swing my greens in regulations improved dramatically.

On August 19 at Cotswold Downs I started to pick the sweet fruit of the Samurai swing and Craig’s persistence and patience with me and had 83.33% greens in regulation on a very tough and challenging course and manage to win against very competitive and great Pro’s in KZN!

I have since won another 2 events , including the Pro-Am at Simbithi on 4 November with Course Record 5 Under Par 55!

I have now had 3 wins , a 2nd place and a 4th place from my last 5 starts!

During the KZN Regional Championship my greens in regulation was 80.5% over 36 holes.

These are hard facts that I can’t ignore after being a 55%-60% greens in regulation player and had to rely on my short game to pull me through.

During my rounds I just love the “Zen” factor and the fact that I can trust my clubs to do the job for me. I also love the fact that I don’t need to swing the club fast to reach my optimal power during my swing!

Thank you once again for the introduction to the Samurai Swing. I am looking forward to use this swing in years to come and the fact that it doesn’t put so much strain on my body.

Thank you once again Craig to you – and the Samurai swing!!!

Kind regards,

 Frans Strauss

Director Of Golf

Prince’s Grant Coastal Golf Estate

2012 KZN Club Professional of the year

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