Cyril Berman

I am a member of Killarney Country Club, and presently hold a handicap of 22, and am 70 years old.

My lowest handicap was 11, about 35 years ago.

Craig persuaded me to have a short session with him, using the Samurai Swing teaching technique.

To say the least, I was skeptical.

After about 40 minutes of the 1st portion of the course, in which I learnt to allow my wrists to work, something I have never before been able to do, and to achieve a better rotation, we ran out of time, and went to the putting green, because I have a longstanding problem with 1-1.5m putts.

After about 15 minutes of work, not only was I holing far more putts of this length, but me long putts had improved in depth perception.

This lesson was held on a Tuesday, and I did not play or practice until the following Saturday Better Ball Stableford Comp.

My partner and I won the competition, and I scored 39 points individual.

We started at the 10th hole,( Stroke 1 )  where I would normally hit a good drive ( for me ), and a 3 or  4 iron to reach the front of the green.

That day I hit what felt like an easy drive, and when I reached the ball in mid fairway, was amazed to reach  it about 35m beyond where I would normally find it, and hit 8 iron to the back of the green !

This pattern was maintained throughout the round, and my playing partners all commented on the prodigious distances I was hitting the ball, and, for the most part ( I am a 22 after all ) the quality of my ball striking.

I cannot wait to find the time start the course again, and work right through it, because I truly believe that it will make a significant improvement to my game in many different aspects.

Cyril Berman.