Rob Mylroie – 23 Handicap.

The first test study of the Samurai Swing , Rob gained about 15m-20m on his clubs and has achieved a far more balanced , fluid swing. His swing plane has gone from a quite vertical plane to the correct swing plane and this has seen him be more accurate with his direction and distance.

The picture below is Rob Before the Samurai Swing – look at the very vertical plane , and how unbalanced and uncomfortable the follow through position is and note the arm position as well.


This (below) is Rob’s finishing position after the Samurai Swing training. You can see the swing plane has moved more to the right plane, as well as a significantly improved follow through. He is balanced and much more comfortable with a good arm position on follow through due to the improved swing plane.


Rob’s more balanced swing after about an hour on the Samurai Swing Course – 9 March 2013.

Rob’s Report:

“One might ask what the art of swinging the Samurai sword has to do with golf.
What indeed ?
As a twenty plus golf enthusiast , anything that would give me more consistency in my erratic game was worth investing in . I was intrigued to say the least.
During my first hour with Craig , I was struck by the simplicity of what he was teaching me. Don’t worry about that little white ball .
Don’t worry about hitting it out of its skin. Rather concentrate on how you swing that thing you are trying to hit the little white ball with. That golf club. That Samurai sword !

The concept took my mind off all the many things I had been taught to think about when setting up to hit the little white ball , and simply got me concentrating on a “ perfect cut line “ and accurately achieving a consistent “ cut “ through that line. All the concepts surrounding how you hold your club and your setup over the ball are relatively easy to master because they are static concepts.

However , how you swing the club is a lot more complicated because it is a dynamic action with many more variables to it and to be able to simplify that essential part of the game must be an advantage in anyone’s book. I’m already hitting the ball further with all my clubs , but more importantly , I’m hitting it far straighter , and consistently so. I would recommend Craig’s“ Samurai Swing Lessons “ to any golfer wishing to improve his game by achieving more consistency in every shot he hits.

Thanks Craig , I’ve really enjoyed the journey over the past three weekends and will carry my timber Samurai sword with me in my bag to keep reminding me of the ‘perfect cut line’.”

Robert Mylroie: 23 Handicap
Course done from the 9th -23rd March 2013.