If you are tired and frustrated with your game – those tops and fat shots , hooks , slices , inconsistent iron and driver shots , lack of distance and accuracy and those hesitant , tentative chip shots , unable to clear bunkers and then the crowning glory – the three putt greens…YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Every golfer from a 24 Handicap to A PGA Champion has been through this. frustrated-golfer Whether you have been playing golf for 6 months or 40 years , whether you are a professional on tour or just a casual player …we all want the same thing – to get better at this game. We want to see that ball flying gracefully through the air on target , where it was aimed. We want to see our fairway shots land on the green – and not hook out of bounds. We want our pitches and chips to be on the green , 6 feet from the flag and most of all , we want to hear that sound as the ball drops in the cup. So you see – this game gets to us all…. If you have doubts about your setup, grip pressure , alignment and swing – maybe its uncomfortable , off balance or the weight transfer through the downswing is just not happening… Maybe you struggle with rotation or follow through… Perhaps its the shot shape and control that you are fighting with, especially as a low or scratch golfer …YOU ARE NOT ALONE. These and many others are the constant battles we fight as golfers to master this game…but there is one even greater battle that we fight – the enjoyment of the game. angry_golfer When you are frustrated at hitting the 7th ball of the round in the sand /water / out of bounds…and you have cursed and thrown clubs as far as you can , admonished yourself for the umpteenth time for the missed short putt or that tentative chip shot…You are not alone…. We have ALL done this… These , as well as the injuries we get as golfers are our pain – the suffering we endure for our passion…this game of golf. You’ve tried it all Over the years , you have invested in better equipment , training aids , lessons , videos , DVD’s , balls, gloves – in fact anything that you believe will help you score better.. Some of it has worked , but , if you are reading this – most of it hasn’t. For whatever reason , your golf is either going backwards , or standing still – which is the same as going backwards. It’s time for something different – book your course here